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Diversification in USA real estate


In line with its activities of internationalisation of businesses, the Firm is putting itself forward as a vehicle to diversify private investments towards foreign real estate markets and the US market is being targeted as it is very interesting right now.

The Firm is proposing itself as a strategic partner who will accompany the Client during the complex procedure of investing in real estate in the USA. These aspects include having familiarity with and carefully examining the fiscal and legal issues of this vast Federal country.

The accounting and legal services in the USA are provided by a team of experts who will assist the Client in every step of the procedure of purchasing real estate in a foreign country.

The experts are a reference point to whom you can turn for any matter related to the investment at any moment during the procedure to acquire, disinvest or substitute the original purchase

Interaction with accounting (financial) and legal consultants in Italy and in the USA guarantees that the Clients have a global vision of their needs and can thus optimise their finances and understand the relative fiscal and legal aspects.


Some examples of current investment returns on real estate in the USA can be seen in the following table:




Affittato A
Rendita Lorda
Property Managenent
Imposta Proprietà 2013
Spese Condominiali
Rendita Netta Locazione
Rendita Netta

Affittato A
Rendita Lorda
Property Managenent
Imposta Proprietà
Rendita Netta Locazione
Rendita Netta Garantita


$ 102.00
$ 950p/m
   11.17% p/a
$ p/m
$ 65 p/m
$ 250 p/m
$ 4.776 p/m
   7,35 p/a

$ 100.00
$ 1.000 p/m
   12% p/a
$ 100 p/a
$ 85 p/m
$110 p/m
$ 8.460 p/a
   8,46% p/a