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Consortium Gotoworld

The GoToWorld Assessment represents a structured approach to assisting the company with its development on an international stage.
The precious chain is made up of three phases that are closely linked and aim to accompany you in the international arena as follows:

1. The GoToWorld Check Up, analyses the internal situation of the company and comes up with a GoToWorld coefficient which is an indicator of the potential internationalisation of the company.

2. The GoToWorld Perspective, carries out a detailed analysis that aims to pick out the market areas that offer the best prospects for the specific company organisation

3. The GoToWorld Project, provides the company with a personalised internationalisation project that has been put together thanks to over 20 years of experience in the sector. GoToWorld has permanent operative bases in over 40 countries that are run by local as well as Italian professionals.

The GoToWorld Assessment is an essential step in the preparation towards going international. Using the strengths and critical business areas of the company as starting points, the assessment identifies the most suitable market and most efficient action plan for the company profile.